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The Impacts of Resource Sector Growth in Regional Communities – March 2013

The performance of the resource sector in Queensland is a key driver for growth at the regional, state and national levels. The purpose of this study was to use a partnership approach between three Regional Development Australia entities and CQUniversity to better identify, understand and plan appropriate responses to issues relating to resource sector development in regional Queensland.

The Northern Queensland Strategy

Four large Regional Development Australia (RDA) economic areas in Northern Queensland (RDA Far North Queensland and Torres Strait, RDA Townsville and North West Queensland, RDA Mackay Isaac Whitsunday and RDA Fitzroy and Central West) have taken a consolidated and visionary approach to the development of strategic initiatives that strengthen up the future of our economy as well as build upon recognised Commonwealth and State Government priorities.

The Northern Queensland Strategy, aims to partner with Local, State and Commonwealth Governments, to work more closely and to jointly investigate alternative governance approaches and investment models for strategy and economic development, policy change and investment.

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