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Prime Minster and Deputy Prime Minister visits Rockhampton

Prime Minister the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull and Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Barnaby Joyce visited Rockhampton, Wednesday the 17 February 2016, to open the new Allied Health training building at CQ University, meet with SES volunteers at the Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service and fly over the proposed development site for Eden Bann and Rookwood Weirs on the Fitzroy River.

Growing Central Queensland (GCQ) is a project auspiced by RDAFCW and we were delighted that Michelle Landry MP member for Capricornia enabled project officer for GCQ Anne Stunzner to brief the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister around the opportunities on water infrastructure in Central Queensland. To view the video, click here.

The recently released Federal government’s fifteen year “Australian Infrastructure Plan – 2016 ” lists the Lower Fitzroy River water infrastructure development as a growth opportunity to develop industry and agriculture in the Fitzroy region. This is the only Queensland project listed as “Growth Opportunities” and the only project in this category for the whole of Northern Australia.

Australian_Infrastructure_Plan 2016

Prime Minister and Anne Stunzner smaller

Ken O’Dowd member for Flynn, Prime Minster the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Barnaby Joyce, Anne Stunzner project officer for Growing Central Queensland, Michelle Landry MP member for Capricornia, Graham Scott Chair of Capricorn Enterprise, Senator the Hon. James McGrath (Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister), Scott Bowman Vic Chancellor of CQ University.

Australia’s beef supply chains: Infrastructure issues and implications

The real value of world agrifood demand is projected to increase by 77 per cent between 2007 and 2050, with most of this increase occurring in Asia. Beef is one commodity where there could be a significant increase in demand, with rising incomes in Asia leading to an increase in demand for higher protein foods, including meat and dairy products.

This study describes Australia’s beef supply chains, Central Queenslands reliance on economic infrastructure, and how this infrastructure influences the competitiveness of the Australian beef industry.

ABRES     ABRES Report

Getting Investment Ready

To assist you in getting investment ready, view these three presentations from Beef Australia 2015:

What Is Investment Ready
This presentation looks at what an investor looks for as an investable product.

A Legal Framework For Getting Yourself Investment Ready (part 1)
This presentation considers a number of structures that are appropriate for commercial endeavours.

A Legal Framework For Getting Yourself Investment Ready (part 2)
This presentation explains a variety of contractual scenarios.

Funding Agribusiness Presentation

Funding Our Business Expansion Through Capital Investment: Frontier Finance

The key to making a joint venture deal work is having an understanding and commitment of the expectation and needs of both parties.

View Hamish Millar’s video above for more information.

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