Call for proposals – Emerald Ag College

4 June, 2019

As part of the QATC transition, DAF want to develop willing partners with great commercial ideas and ways to use the Emerald college assets.

Proponents are asked to respond to the guiding questions below to explain their intended use of the assets, providing as much detail as is available by 25 June 2019.

The PMO and Local Community Stakeholder Committee (LCSC) will consider the proposals put forward to set direction for further investigation, feasibility and development of possible models.

Guiding questions
In completing this proposal, you are asked to:
• Articulate all training and/ or research, development and extension outcomes, and any other education or employment readiness opportunities envisaged
• Identify how you intend to use current assets
• Detail the duration of the proposed project / program
• State clearly the staffing and supervision commitment and requirements of your proposal
• Comment on how this proposal would meet community expectations and contribute to the local economy
• Demonstrate financial sustainability.

Alicia Dunbar the PMO Liaison Officer at the DAF Emerald office will be available to capture and discuss ideas in person or over the phone. Her contact number is 0436 673 154 and email

Alison Mobbs, the PMO Director at the DAF Longreach office is also available on 0436 808 827 or email

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