Drought Communities Programme

19 September, 2018

About the program

The Drought Communities Programme (DCP) supports communities in the most drought-affected regions of Australia.

Funding is available to eligible councils for local infrastructure projects and other drought-relief activities. Project funding is intended to provide short-term support, including by boosting local employment and procurement, and addressing social and community needs.

Program funding

On 19 August 2018, the Australian Government announced it would boost the Drought Communities Programme by $75 million and provide initial support of $1 million to 60 eligible councils in 2018-19.

Eligible projects

Eligible councils are able to select projects that provide the greatest support to their communities, including infrastructure and other activities. Projects must be in addition to the normal planned activities of the council. Further guidance will be available in the program guidelines.

Projects could include:

  • Employing local contractors to undertake repairs and maintenance
  • Upgrading or building new community facilities
  • Holding events and undertaking drought-relief activities
  • Carting potable water into communities for drinking and bathing.

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