Energy Management –

Energy Management –

29 October, 2018

Energy costs can be a strain on your business’s finances and it’s often money better spent on expanding or improving your business. Did you know that there can be as much as $400-$500 difference in the best offers for electricity?

Most businesses are paying more for electricity than they should. However, the good news is that there are ways you can manage your electricity and energy usage without a large upfront cost.

Start by understanding how you use energy, how you calculate your energy bills and the actions you can take to:

What you can do

  • Read our tips for saving energy in your business.
  • Find out about energy in your business and a range of energy-related topics on the Energy website.
  • Find energy tips, fact sheets and case studies of businesses with smart ways of cutting their energy costs on the Energy Exchange (EEX) Small business sector page, featuring the following sectors:
    • Agriculture – including cotton, dairy, fruit businesses, irrigators, wineries and agriculture in general.
    • Business services – including office tenants and supply chain and logistics businesses.
    • Manufacturing (small business) – including automotive, chemicals and plastics, food manufacturing, foundries, the meat industry and manufacturing in general.
    • Social and community services – including adult and community education, community organisations, places of worship and sporting clubs.
    • Other services – including entertainment, hospitality, museums and galleries, residential strata, retail, tourism, vets and culturally diverse businesses.

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Photo credit: Alderman O’Connor

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