Invitation to Tender – CQ Defence Presence and Defence Industry Capability Project

28 September, 2021

Central Queensland (CQ) Defence Presence and Defence Industry Capability Project

Scope: Development of a ten-year strategy for the CQ Defence Presence and Defence Industry Capability Project delivering on the following requirements:
• Economic analysis on the benefits of a permanent defence presence; – attraction of defence personnel to the region;
• Attracting defence equipment and vehicle storage, maintenance facilities and support services;
• Demonstrating local industry capability, gaps and up-skilling opportunities;
• Advocacy and planning for a regional defence attraction prospectus.

Key deliverables:
1. A ten-year defence strategy
2. Central Qld social and economic benefits, impacts and regional prospectus;
3. The social and economic benefits versus costs of a permanent defence presence;
4. An infrastructure and planning roadmap to accommodate defence personal and equipment;
5. Regional capability and skills mapping;
6. A skills and industry gap analysis and strategy;
7. A regional defence industry procurement and supplier attraction strategy;
8. Supply chain and supply opportunities analysis;
9. A defence industry capability statement;
10. A defence advocacy plan, presentation and attraction prospectus.

To receive scope of works for the tender contact:
Sandra Hobbs
CQROC Executive Officer
M: 0412454778

Or via mail:
PO Box 1074
Emerald QLD 4720

Tender Closing Date: Tenders will close and must be received by Sandra Hobbs, Executive Officer, CQROC by 5 pm 18th October, 2021.

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