Local Buying Foundation Grants – Bowen Basin

21 September, 2018

The Local Buying Foundation (LBF) in Queensland has two funding methods available for supporting projects and initiatives. These include:

  1. Funds allocated via a competitive funding round through completing an LBF Funding Application form. Funding will be allocated on the basis of alignment with the Foundation’s objectives and an assessment against the Foundation’s funding criteria.
  2. Funds allocated based on the identification of strategic projects and programs aligned to the priority areas of the foundation by the Local Buying Foundation Advisory Committee (LBFAC). These may be competitive or non-competitive, depending on whether the LBFAC decides to grant an exemption for organisations that are a clear logical choice to deliver a particular program.

Funding Criteria and Guidelines

To apply for LBF funding in Queensland, submissions must meet the following criteria:

  • the project must benefit businesses in targeted areas (Qld – Central Highlands, Isaac or Mackay regions)
  • the submission is not for a commercial business grant or not to be considered to be similar to a commercial business grant
  • the project has not already occurred and funds are not being sought retrospectively
  • all other criteria as outlined in the Qld LBF Public Guidelines

How Applications will be Assessed

In addition to being aligned with the objectives of the Foundation, programs, projects and initiatives will be assessed according to criteria which will include:

  • Impact – number of people or size of the area directly affected; benefit for the majority and not a select few individuals within the community; potential for replication if successful; potential to build community capacity (short and long term)
  • Sustainability – the ability for the program to become self-sustaining in a reasonable time frame and not require ongoing financial commitments; long term benefit focused on future generations; avoids creation of ‘dependency’
  • Cost Effectiveness – benefits compared to the costs of the project; consideration of the administrative time to implement/monitor/support project; ability to leverage funds through other sources; consideration of percentage of project required to be funded by LBF
  • Alignment and Practicality – alignment with and support from key stakeholders including alignment with Bowen Basin Business Development Initiative (BBBDI) if applicable; meets the aims or supports government objectives / programs; capacity of the implementing partner to deliver; ease and/or speed of implementation; probability of success; commitment level from project partner/other stakeholders; complexity of project; proposed time frame
  • Project Agility/Flexibility – ability to respond to changing needs; ability to respond to program performance; identified risk management strategies

Funding Application Rounds

Round 4 closes 30 November 2018

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