Some tips for applying for BBRF Funding

13 December, 2019

Building Better Regions round 4 is now open with funding is available through two funding streams:

  • The Infrastructure Projects Stream: Supports projects that involve construction of new infrastructure, or the upgrade or extension of existing infrastructure
  • The Community Investments Stream: Funds community development activities including, but not limited to, new or expanded local events, strategic regional plans, leadership and capability building activities

Here are some tips for those preparing a applications:

  • You must provide proof that you are drought declared – click here to see the drought declared areas in Queensland and use this information in your application.
  • There is no limit as to the number of applications an organisation can submit.
  • Provide your bank account details and outline why you can’t afford to fund this project without funding support.
  • The best applications have data to back up the need for the project, ABS is a great place to start when looking for data.
  • Matching funds need to be actual money, not in-kind.
  • Include letters of support from your Federal Member, State Member and local council. RDACWQ can also provide a letter of support where appropriate.
  • The most weighted assessment criteria is economic impact and social impact. Make sure you have covered BOTH of these impacts and where possible include letters of support that support the economic impact and the social impact.
  • Remember closing time is NSW time, i.e. 4pm Qld time.
  • This is a very competitive grant and highly oversubscribed but certainly worth applying for if your project is shovel ready.

Click here for guidelines. 

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