Taking Inland Rail to the PM

Taking Inland Rail to the PM

20 August, 2020

Today RDACWQ, in collaboration with CQROC, provided an update to The Hon Michael McCormack, Deputy Prime Minister and The Hon Michelle Landry, Assistant Minister for Northern Australia and Children and Families, on the proposed project to connect the Port of Gladstone to Inland Rail.

In 2017, it was identified in an AECOM report that an Inland Rail connection to Gladstone would not be economically viable. Three years on and we are living in a different world, market conditions have changes, new opportunities exist and the project well and truly stacks up.

The export growth potential to open up a new mining precinct alone the proposed rail corridor could provide an economic benefit to the region, State and Nation.

Now is the time to push forward with the Nation building projects that will provide an economic benefit at every level, connecting the Port of Gladstone to Inland Rail is absolutely one of those projects.


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