6 August, 2020

The Youth Advocacy Support grant opportunity aims to provide support to youth peak bodies with an advocacy role for youth to improve engagement with government and coordination of government programs targeting young people from 15-24 years of age. This improved engagement and coordination will support the development of a Whole of Government National Youth Policy Framework.

The purpose of the grant opportunity is to provide funding to peak youth advocacy organisations and a national peak body to represent young people, in particular those who are marginalised, and enable improved engagement and consultation with government in the development of future policies and strategies that affect them directly.


There are two streams of funding under this grant opportunity.

Stream 1: To support Youth Advocacy Peak bodies to:

– form national youth advocacy networks (particularly for marginalised young people) through online platforms or face-to-face forums to gather and report their views on specific topics such as education, employment and health. This engagement will inform the development of national strategies, policies and programs developed and administered by Government.

Stream 2: To support the National Youth Peak body to:

– engage and support young people and provide independent policy advice informed by a diverse group of advocacy organisations and young people.


The objectives of the grant opportunity are to fund suitable organisations to:

– provide effective consultation and information sharing with young people, the youth sector and the Australian Government;

– function as the source of sector knowledge and expertise; and

– provide well-informed and impartial advice to the Australian Government.

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