An Overview of Food and Fibre Industries in Central Queensland – April 2018

In 2013, Regional Development Australian Fitzroy and Central West undertook a study to identify exactly what was produced in Central Queensland in relation to food and fibre and what happened to the produce after it left the “farm”.

The purpose of this initiative was to help raise awareness of Central Queensland as a resource region – to ensure that ‘resource’ is not simply synonymous with ‘coal production’ but also to agriculture supply.

The original document has been updated to reflect changes over the last five years.

The document explores the areas of food and fibre production in the Central Queensland region with emphasis on the following areas:

  • Location of supply
  • Number of producers
  • Production by volume
  • Gross value, land holdings and weight of commodities
  • Seasonality
  • Supply chain and networks
  • Sales destinations (including exports)

This report is a synopsis of published and unpublished data relating to food and fibre industries with the Central Queensland region and its related food chain routes.

In this document, the Central West region data for Agricultural Commodities includes the Statistical Area Level 2s of Barcaldine – Blackall, Far Central West and Longreach.  The Far Central West SA2 includes the local government areas of Barcoo, Boulia, Diamantina and Winton.  Boulia (S) is not part of Regional Development Australia Fitzroy and Central West but is part of the Far Central West SA2, the smallest area for which Agricultural Commodities data are reported by the ABS.

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