The livestock industry is a key industry for Central and Western Queensland and its continued prosperity is fundamental to the economic success of many communities – both large and small – in both Central and Western Queensland. Our region is the largest cattle producing region in Australia (estimated 5 million head – up to one fifth of the national heard), three large abattoirs and even the beef capital of Australia (Rockhampton), as well as being home to significant Sheep, Goat, Pig and Deer populations.

Should FMD and/or LSD breach our biosecurity controls and take hold in Australia, we understand that the impact to the Central and Western Queensland region would be at least a $1 billion hit to the regional economy and would impact nearly 34,000 jobs. Over 30% of all jobs in Western Queensland and up to 20% of all jobs in the Banana Shire are at risk.

The impacts will not stop at the farm gate. The loss of livestock would have a catastrophic impact on the meat processing sector and would have a major impact on those industries that supply both broadacre farming and meat processors (such as the transport industry). The loss of $750 million in household income would also impact every sector of the economy, including retail, food and beverage, health and education.

Read the full analysis, prepared by AEC, here.

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