Regional Digital Study Central and Western Queensland

Digital access in regional Australia is low in comparison to major cities resulting to digital inequalities which is reflected in the Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII). The digital
inequality has been identified as one of the main obstacles to thrive regional development.

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) in all local government areas (LGAs) within the Central West Queensland (CWQ) region, except Central Highland Regional Council, are
below the national average. Development of digital infrastructure and technologies in the region is, hence, an urgent need.

  1. This regional digital study aims to address three main objectives across the geographic area which includes the local governments of Barcaldine Regional Council, Barcoo Shire Council, Banana Shire Council, Blackall Tambo Regional Council, Boulia Shire Council, Diamantina Shire Council, Gladstone Regional Council, Longreach Regional Council, and Winton Shire Council:
  2. (1) examining the digital landscape where current and future digital demands may lie;
  3. (2) identifying connectivity technology and infrastructure opportunities related to internet carriage services in the region; and
  4. (3) proposing a digital action plan through relevant stakeholder engagement, and identifying funding programs and support from different entities, to invest in and improve internet carriage services across the CWQ region.

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