Aged Care and Allied Health Services within the Fitzroy and Central West Queensland

Australia has an ageing population (15% in 2016 were 65 years or older), and by 2055 this proportion will increase to 22.9%. This presents both challenges and opportunities. It increases demand for primary health, aged care services and long-term care, requires a larger and better-trained workforce, and intensifies the need for environments and infrastructure to be age-friendly. It also has implications for the nature and quality of services and will affect economic output and governments’ budgets.

A variety of issues are likely to affect older Australians in the future:

  • falling rates of home ownership and rising rental prices
  • scarcity of community housing and lack of affordable downsizing options
  • increasing numbers of older Australians retiring with a mortgage
  • housing not suitable for the needs of older people
  • inadequate supplies of suitable housing in their current community for older people to downsize.

RDAFCW engaged the services of Indigo Gold Pty Ltd to undertake a research paper to investigate solutions to meet the needs and wants of our ageing population in an economically sustainable manner.

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