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24 May, 2023

Since 2018, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has run the Measuring Broadband Australia program which enables consumers, industry and policymakers to better understand how Australians are experiencing internet performance, including download speeds and reliability, in their homes.

The ACCC are looking for customers on fixed wireless plans to sign up to be part of Australia’s leading study on internet performance.

Using global internet performance monitoring platform, SamKnows, the ACCC are collecting and analysing broadband data to help consumers all over Australia understand drivers of variable network performance and empowering informed discussions with internet providers.

The ACCC would like to understand how your fixed wireless household streams, games, surfs and searches to help us better measure internet performance in regional Australia.

To participate in Australia’s leading study on internet performance you can:

  • Sign up
  • If selected, receive your SamKnows Whitebox in the mail
  • Plug the Whitebox into your router
  • Sit back and let the Whitebox measure your internet performance.

Tests are run when you’re not using your connection, so that it doesn’t disrupt your service. Your internet usage is not monitored by the Whitebox.

Not only will you be helping to monitor Australian broadband performance, but the SamKnows Whitebox allows you to track the performance of your service.

SamKnows will even send a handy summary of your internet performance each month and let you know if anything needs your attention.

Learn more: measuring Australian broadband

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