My Innovation Advisor

My Innovation Advisor

15 October, 2018

What’s stopping your idea from making an impact?

The My Innovation Advisor service offers free advice from Impact Innovation Group consultants, matched to the idea you are wanting to get ready for the market or external investment.

The commercialisation journey can often become frustrating so an advisor can help you balance emotional perspectives with an objective assessment and focus on the idea/innovation. They can help you to recognise what aspects need immediate focus like: choosing the best commercialisation pathway, building the right team, engaging with research or technical experts for product validation, developing an IP protection strategy et cetera.

Depending on what difference your idea or invention could make, the consultation may cover:

  • Technical feasibility (will it work?)
  • Competitors and collaborators
  • Value proposition
  • Value chain proposition
  • Cost benchmarking (e.g.  set up, pricing, margins etc)
  • Market research and readiness
  • Investment potential (public/private)
  • Commercialisation pathways
  • IP management (patents, trademarks etc)
  • Business model options
  • Risk minimisation
  • Regulatory considerations

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