Queensland Food Waste for Healthy Soils Program

1 December, 2021

The Queensland Government is partnering with the Australian Government to deliver the Queensland Food Waste for Healthy Soils Program.

The Queensland Government is committing up to $11 million to the Program over four years.

The aims of the program are to:

  • support projects that divert nutrient-rich organic material from landfill
  • increase the quantity and improve the quality of recycled organic material
  • develop sustainable markets for high-value compost and soil conditioners.

Who is eligible for funding

The program is open to private industry, local governments and state funded water corporations who have projects that divert organic material from landfill and produce outputs that can be safely used on soils.

Funding will need to be at least matched by the industry partner, on a minimum 1:1:1 basis between the Australian Government, Queensland Government and industry partner. Projects with a higher applicant contribution will be more competitive.

The Australian Government will assess applications in two rounds:

  • Round 1 applications due: 5 December 2021
  • Round 2 applications due: 25 February 2022

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