Sustainable Food Event – Food in the Capital

Sustainable Food Event – Food in the Capital

13 October, 2020

If you are passionate about:

  • Agtech;
  • Foodtech;
  • urban food production;
  • sustainable food systems;
  • regenerative farming or
  • you just want help to sell more into nearby cities register for Food in the Capital (FIC).

Then you may be interested in the Food In the Capital event, being hosted by RDA ACT, that will cover:

  • technology and design-based wave sweeping the urban complexes of the world;
  • policy and planning challenges are enormous, but the community and business opportunities are striking; and
  • a deep dive into solving the practical challenges, securing partners and funding for Australia’s food future.

Over 95 speakers drawn from Australia’s and the world’s leading experts join local and  national food producers and their customers. As you would appreciate these are challenging events to stage – especially in the midst of pandemic. FIC is priced below cost and for a short time participants can secure 4 days of demonstrations, talks and B2B and B2C opportunities for as little as $300 over 12 months. Find out more and register here

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